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An Evening at Drake

A sunset on Drake’s campus backlighting the sundial

Drake is known for its Drake Busy a phenomenon that most students partake in where you are constantly going going going. But after the day ends, how do students spend their time?

After my classes are over I like to spend my time in many different ways:

  • Doing homework
  • Chores
  • Hanging with friends
  • Adventuring
  • Relaxing

Of all of these options, the ones I do the most are doing homework and doing chores. Unfortunately, as a full-time student, I don’t often have the luxury to do whatever I like. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do whatever I like whenever I can.

Doing Homework

After my classes, I like to spend an hour or two doing homework. I try to do big projects in pieces so I spend a half hour to an hour just doing a page of a paper or one section of a project. Then I like to break up my routine by doing some reading and note-taking to prep for my classes the next day. Finally, I will do short tasks and responses that take minutes at the end to feel as if I have accomplished a lot. Then I close my textbooks and go home.

Doing Chores

When I’m done with homework I move on to the chores I need to do each day. While doing them I am usually listening to a podcast. Currently, I’m listening to a true crime podcast called Murder with My Husband. I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts while doing laundry or dishes. It keeps me focused on the task at hand and makes chores go by faster. Once I’ve finished the boring part of my to-do list I like to move on to fun or unusual task such as fixing a button on my sweaters or finding the perfect song to complete my morning playlist.

Hanging with Friends

If schedules allow I will often visit with friends. We often like to watch tv or play games. Right now our friend group is watching Community. While I find it funny I prefer less structured shows such as I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. I like the short snappy jokes and how each sketch is unrelated to the last.


When I finally can just relax by myself at the very end of the night I like to do some self-care. My favorite act of self-care is to give myself manicures. It takes me a while to shape, clean, oil, and paint my nails, so I enjoy just listening to music or doing a check-in with myself to evaluate how I feel and what I need to be successful for the next week. I’ve used lot’s of nail polish in my life, of all the types I’ve used these are my favorites rank from my absolute first choice to a polish I would before others.

  1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
  2. Essie Original
  3. Essie Longwear
  4. OPI Infinite Shine
  5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

I find doing my nails to be a very fun way to disconnect from the outside world and to check-in on myself. Also saying ‘my nails are wet’ is a good way to get out of doing unwanted activities.

I don’t know what other students do after they are done with their Drake Busy, but this lets you into a bit of what I do when I’m off the clock.

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