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Pintresting Ideas

Fixing my bangs, caught red-handed. Photo Credit: Sarah Fey

I love dressing in different interesting ways. To help me figure out what I’m going to wear each day I typically look at my Pinterest Boards to get inspiration.

How I decide my ootd

Each day based on the weather, my agenda, and whether it is a bones or no bones sort of day I choose an outfit that reflects my mood. However, some days are harder than others when I have too many or too few options on what to wear. If I haven’t done laundry or my roommate borrowed an essential outfit piece that can throw a wrench in my plans. Often I have to make an effort to dress as opposed to many who just put on clothes and call it a day. Depending on many different factors I turn to Pinterest!

Pins, Boards, and Ideas oh my!

On Pinterest I have many different boards which are collections of photos, videos and words that represent outfits and moods that I try to emulate. I have different boards for different decades, moods, weather-related outfits, and so much more! Of all of my different boards my top 5 and most helpful boards are:

  • 1990s Fashion
  • 1970s Aesthetics
  • European Summer Outfits
  • TV Show Characters
  • Elementary Education Major Vibes

I love pinning things to my boards. I find that it’s a great pass time when I have nothing better to do.

Pinteresting Ideas

Whenever I see an interesting photo that has the vibe I’m going for I will pin it to my board. Sometimes the photo is an outfit, but not always. Many times the photo is of colors or scenery or an item that evokes the feeling I’m trying to portray in my outfit. I once pinned a photo of the characters Frog and Toad on a board that has some fall outfit ideas. The photo was meant to give the feeling of whimsy and nostalgia. It had very earthy tones which was perfect for my Pinterest board.

The characters Frog and Toad created by Arnold Lobel

I have lots of different aesthetics that I like to include in my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are still at my home because I have such an extensive and diverse collection. I love clothes that are vintage, thrifted, borrowed, new, and made by me.

My clothes collection

Some may say that my closet is too extensive and that I can’t possibly wear all of the clothes and to those people I say: watch me. Sometimes I’ll change in the middle of the day choosing something new because of an event I’m going to or because the vibes were off. Many of the clothes that I own are gifted to me or were thrifted. Lots of days I enjoy going to the thrift store and looking for pieces that are missing from my closet that fit my Pinterest boards. I definitely have favorites however I still make an effort to wear everything as often as possible.

I have lots of clothes and love to experiment with fashion but I love to come up with new ideas too. Pinterest gives me a place to play and formulate new ideas before I present them to the world.

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