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Ramble On, Rambling Girl

The People I’ve Met

I’ve met so many people at Drake in my short two years here. Some which have become my best friends here and some who I don’t particularly care for.

It is strange being a place where you know literally nobody. You could reinvent yourself, and change the things you don’t like. Find a way to become a better person. Or you could stick to your guns. Just be yourself as you’ve always been. Having no one to just know me has been strange. I’m a stranger and one small mistake could cost me a friendship, because the people I’m friends with don’t know my background, they weren’t there on the elementary playground or for my middle school emo phase. They didn’t stay up late with me driving for miles around my hometown or help set up for my grad party. They’ve never met my extended family during family events or know about my failed attempt at owning fish.

As I ponder all of this I’m struck by the thought. Is knowing someone truly about being able to recall information about them and their previous life experiences or is it knowing that they like chocolate ice cream and that their favorite thing to do is read instead of watch TV? Is knowing someone about being able to list all of their family members or is it being able to pick their voice out of a line up and being able to call them any hour of the day to go get food and laugh together?

Some people would definitively say one or the other, but I’m not sure. However, I do know that some people I’ve met here definitely fulfill the second category:

  • My roommate
  • My first friend here
  • The boys
  • The beautiful people I’ve picked up along the way

Thank you all, you know who you all are

Activities with Friends

With my friends, there are different things we like to do. With some of my friends, we like to go to one of the best restaurants ever or Olive Garden and joke around. With others, we like to do activities like bowling and adventuring. It all depends
Some of my friends’ favorite activities is playing board games. Some fan favorites include

  • Citadels
  • Monopoly (this is my favorite, please can we play)
  • Wingspan
  • Any large group game (there are a lot of us)

We also really like video games and customizable games like Jack box games and the such, it makes for really great conversations.

Ultimately whether my friends truly know me or not is still out for the jury to decide. Until then I’ll be spending time with them any way that I can getting to know them and them getting to know me.

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