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What are Bella’s Favorite Foods? (Number 4 is shocking)

Of all of the foods that I like only a fair few have mase my favorite food list. Of course I have different lists ranking all the foods in their categories but very few are truly my favorite foods.

Bella’s Top 5 of All Time

My favorite foods are all delicious and you can usually find me enjoying one of these foods as often as I can.

  • Crispy Pork Belly
  • Ice Cream
  • Smash burgers
  • Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled pork
  • Lasagna

You can tell I’m an Iowa native based on how much pork is on the list!

Why is that your favorite food?!

Pork Belly

To start off I want you to understand some things, I love bold flavors, I love interesting textures, and I love eating! I found my love of pork belly when I was with my dad at 15. We had gone to HoQ and it was their special that week. I tried it not sure if I’d like it, but I loved it! It was crispy, salty, and smooth. It was an explosion of flavor that I had yet to experience before.

Ice cream

Ice cream seems obvious, however, I’m particular about ice cream. I want it to be smooth and creamy, not icy. With a bold flavor that doesn’t taper off the more you eat it. I prefer soft serve but won’t say no to a hard scoop. If the ice cream has toppings or mix-ins there can’t be too many that it overwhelms the ice cream but there can’t be too few. Some ice cream is objectively better than others.

Smash burgers

Burgers is such a broad category that I had to whittle it down to smash burgers as my favorite food. They are thin and crispy and you can have a double patty without overwhelming the burger. It just makes sense! I also love grilling the bun so it’s slightly crisp and doesn’t become soggy with all my toppings. One of my favorite local restaurants is Lachele’s Fine Foods on Ingersoll Ave. and they have amazing smash burgers!

Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

This food may be unfamiliar and possibly weird to many of you, however, it is amazing! When making pulled pork you need typically need sugar and acid in your marinade and many people use soda because it is cheap and readily available. My mother once found a recipe online for a crock pot pulled pork. The recipe has chipotle peppers and Dr. Pepper in a crock pot with a pork butt. You set it and forget it until the evening when you have a delicious, sweet, spicy, and tender pulled pork great for sandwiches and with mac and cheese. It became a great meal for me because it has minimal prep, isn’t labor intensive, and results in a fantastic meal that will feed you for days.


The last food on my list is lasagna. It’s a comfort food that my mom makes. When it’s cold and dark in the dead of winter, lasagna and garlic bread will cure all that ails you. With lasagna, nothing can go wrong.

Though these are my top 5 that doesn’t mean I don’t love tons of other foods. If I listed all the food I liked the list might never end. This was just a small introduction to what foods you can offer me to make me your best friend.

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